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Vaccines have protected humankind from many deadly infections including smallpox, yellow fever, and tetanus, saving millions of lives. However, the rampage of the COVID-19 over the world serves as a painful reminder of the lack of effective vaccines against many other diseases. Novel technologies that can be readily deployed for new vaccines, especially against newly emerged pathogens, are urgently needed.

Iaso Therapeutics is dedicated to developing next generation vaccines to enhance human health and treat diseases.

Upcoming Events

Iaso Therapeutics is attending the World Vaccine Conference in Washington, DC. Please visit our booth (Booth# S47) in the Start-Up area. You will be able to learn about Iaso’s technology, where you can buy mQβ for your vaccine research. Iaso seeks to speak with potential customers, identify potential strategic partners, and discuss the opportunity to invest in Iaso’s open financing round if you are a qualified investor.

R&D + Strategic Partnering For The Global Vaccine Industry

Mon April 3 2023, Pre-Congress Workshops
April 4 – 6 2023 – Main Congress Days
Walter E. Washington Convention Center

Mutant Qβ Platform

Iaso’s initial product offering is a disruptive new virus-like particle, mutant Qβ, that shows superiority in generating antibodies of interest when compared to conjugate carrier proteins like Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin, diphtheria toxoid, tetanus toxoid, and cross reactive material-197 (CRM-197).

mQβ is now sold by Fina Biosolutions

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